iSpy Music was born out of a growing need for more high quality music in the marketplace. We score and compose new music for use in a wide variety of productions and pride ourselves on our ability to write custom material especially prepared for our clients needs. We constantly strive to brand each production with a unique sound that will help a Producer realize their musical vision.

Our music comes to you from the creative minds of our team of composers and musicians from varied backgrounds, countries and unique musical talents.  Our musicians bring an exceptional musicality to every project that one composer alone could not deliver.  We feel that this is one of the many strengths that we offer.

Since our launch in 2009 we have done music for over 400 TV series, as well as movie placements, documentaries, podcasts and web series.

Our collection of music has expanded to all musical styles over the last decade and continues to be updated with latest requests that reflect the most modern music of today.

Striving for quality over quantity, we look forward to making sure that you find only excellence when working with us.


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