iSpy Music’s ~Zero3 Music~ Custom Collection Library

What is most unique about our music collection is that it is a “dynamically expanding catalog”, powered by our clients. If there’s specific music that a client needs or wants, we will create the custom tracks and add them to an existing volume of our collection (or create a new volume if needed).

This is the first time that a catalog is being driven by the clients needs and therefore keeps evolving. After all, our clients are the cornerstone of what we do and who better to help us shape the direction of our collection?

We are constantly expanding and building up the Zero3 Music Custom Collection.
This catalog of music continues to receive rave reviews.

To help find our music easily we have digitally organized it into multiple formats for you:

1. Avid®   data-enriched – All of our music comes on a ready-to-load drive complete with Avid®  ready search data.…this speeds up the work flow and helps find more choices with music searches.
2. Soundminer embedded for all clients using this software.
3. Online Search and Download ability (exclusively for our client login only).
4. iTunes ready for easy searches.
5. All files available in AIF, WAV, AAF and MP3 in whatever sample rate you need.

We look forward to making music for you soon!

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